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Hologram Sticker "Behind the Candelight" by Lorie Fossa


The castle, adorned with shadows that embrace its every corner, is a metaphor for the girl's secluded existence. Its somber atmosphere mirrors the internal struggles she battles within, unseen by those who admire her from afar. The muted candlelight, casting gentle hues upon the stone walls, symbolizes the fragile flicker of hope that sustains her amidst her desolation.


The original painting is now a beautiful hologram sticker.   The artist invites you to contemplate the contrast between the external perception of a flawless life and the hidden pain that dwells within. This poignant piece serves as a reminder that appearances can often deceive, urging viewers to look beyond the surface and empathize with the unseen battles that others may face.


"Behind the Candlelight: The Hidden Sorrow of a Castle's Beauty" invites you to immerse yourself in the duality of human existence, where the allure of perfection masks the fragility of the human soul.


Dimensions: 1.85" x 3" 

Durable holographic vinyl gives the sticker a unique rainbow sheen.

Hologram Sticker "Behind The Candlelight" by Lorie Foss

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