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"Anew" by Lorie Fossa- Original Art by Lorie Fossa now available as a Glitter Sticker




"Anew" by Lorie Fossa is a bright and beautiful image full of hope and joy.  This beautiful sticker is perfect for anyone who wants to add a flair to their journals or electronics.  Looks great on glass! Can be used on water bottles, and vases as well. Whether you choose to adorn your notebooks, laptops, or crafting projects, this Glitter Sticker will infuse your world with peace, zen, and solace. Embrace the joy and wonder of "Anew" and let your imagination soar. With its sparkling beauty and serene vibe, this sticker is a must-have for any art lover.


Dimensions: 3" x 3 "

Durable Glitter vinyl has a colorful aparkle effect that changes with light.








Lorie Fossa "Anew" 3 x 3 Glitter Sticker

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