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“Resilient Whispers”: A Tapestry of Joy, Wishes, and Inspiration"  A beautiful 12 x 16 Giclee Fine Archival Art Print Finishing:16 x 20 White Matting Package


"Whispers of Serenity" by Lorie Fossa


My painting, “Resilient Whispers: A Tapestry of Joy, Wishes, and Inspiration," became a testament to my journey. You can visit my story back in 2016 when I was in the middle of a work, and the emotions pouring out are so different than what you see in this work.


That day in 2016, I literally shut down during the process, and without realizing it my downward slide into depression was being  captured through my work. 


Now, "Resilient Whispers" was the beginning of me coming back and again showing the essence of my transformation, showing visually how I was changing deep inside. Layer by layer, I weaved my desires for joy, wishes, and inspiration, blending them with the principles of Zen artistry.


As the painting took shape, magical things started happening. I found moments of relief and pure happiness. Each brushstroke was like a reminder that true joy doesn't come from what's happening around us but from the peace we can find within ourselves. The delicate balance and flowing lines in the artwork perfectly mirrored the newfound balance I sought in my life.


I wanted to share my story of transformation with the world, so I harnessed the power of hashtags like #ZenArtistry, #InnerBliss, and #TranscendenceThroughBeauty.


I wanted others to see that there's always a glimmer of hope, even in the darkest times. Embracing the Zentangle®️ Method created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas helped me find comfort, ignite my dreams, and draw inspiration from the simple beauty surrounding me again.


To learn more about the Zentangle® Method and classes I offer as a CZT® (Certified Zentangle Teacher®, click here for more information 


Print Details:

  • Paper: Hahnemuehle Photo Rag (308gsm) 
  •  Size: 12 x 16 
  • Finishing: 16 x 20 White Matting Package 


Three comononents include in the Matting Package

  • 16 x 20 White Core Matt Board with Bevel Opening
  • 16 x 20 Foam Board Backing
  • 16 x 20 Clear Bag


Please email if you have a question.



"Resilient Whispers" Lorie Fossa Fine Art Giclee Print, Peace, Joy, Inspiration

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  • What is Giclee Printing?

    Understanding Giclee Printing

    Originating from the French term “gicler,” which translates to “to squirt” or “to spray,” Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) printing is a renowned digital art reproduction method. It involves an inkjet printer that uses special pigmented inks for creating artwork, wiith high accuracy and vivid colors. Renowned for their color accuracy, detail, and longevity, Giclee prints surpass traditional printing methods in popularity among art collectors, galleries, and museums.

    Why Artists Opt for Giclee Printing

    In the past, an artist could sell an artwork only once. But with the advent of reproductions like Giclee prints, artists can reach a broader audience by offering high-quality replicas at affordable prices. 

    Differentiating Print Types

    The term ‘print’ is often used broadly to describe any artwork reproduction. When referring to the reproduction of original artwork I usually mean Giclee prints.

    Giclee refers to top-tier prints crafted with archival inks, vibrant hues and impressive lightfastness.. Its unmatched quality and durability make it the ideal choice for exquisite art reproductions.



  • I am happy to accomandate different sizes, Please email me and I would be happy to offer a quote. 

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