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Discover the Joy of Creating Zentangle® Inspired Art with Free Lessons Through
This Step by Step Project
- Happy Tangeling 


Looking to take your Zentangle practice to the next level? Join me, Lorie Fossa, CZT, in this 10 Part Zentangle course. We will explore new tangles and techniques, building upon our skills to create more complex and intricate designs. In each class, we will cover a variety of topics, including shading, composition, and pattern design.

Join me, Lorie Fossa, your Certified Zentangle® Teacher for a fun and inspiring large (7x7) tile-creating session. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or a seasoned Zentangle enthusiast, together we’ll explore the intricate world of Zentangle art. With my unique approach and Zentangle tips and tricks, you’ll discover new ways to express yourself creatively and let your imagination take flight. Don't miss the chance to create a beautiful tile that you can frame as a gift or display as part of your own collection.

As you dive into Part 2 of this video, I encourage you to let your creativity flow freely. All of my workshops, including this one, are designed to provide you with the skills and techniques needed to create beautiful, intricate tangles. Let's work on section two of your Zendala, where we will be using the Hollibaugh tangle with a new twist. This pattern is meditative, accessible, and easy to learn, no matter your level of expertise. I believe that anyone can tangle, and my goal is to inspire you to explore your creativity in new ways.

For all of my fellow Zentangle® enthusiasts out there, I’m excited to present Part 3 of my video series. We’ll be focusing on tangle section three of your Zendala, using the Crazy Huggins tangle to create a beautifully intricate design. If you’re not yet familiar with Huggins, don’t worry - I’ll start with a detailed lesson on how to create this stunning tangle. Then, we’ll move on to Crazy Huggins and bring your Zendala to life.

Looking for a comprehensive and engaging way to learn Zentangle®?  Part 5 of the series focuses on Section Five of the Zendala, and incorporates Zentangle® Tangles, Flux, Perfs/Orbs, and other elements to bring your art to life. With an extra-power-packed video and lots of tips and ideas, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can develop your own Zentangle® style. Sign up today and begin your journey towards becoming a master Zentangle® artist!

Welcome to my Part 4 class on Zentangle® and Zendala! In this class, we will be exploring the Zentangle® Tangle Printemps in a grid form, and I will teach you how to construct a grid and fill it with the begginer tangle, Printemps. Whether you’re looking to expand your existing skills or are new to Zentangle®, this class is perfect for you. Join me and let’s create some stunning art together!

Part 6, we will tackle the corners of our work with Zentangle's® Tangle "Cadent" and an extra bonus section: One way to change a large section of your work. Start your creative journey with us today! Remember: "No Mistakes"® -Zentangle®

In my Part 7 class, we delve into botanical tangles and add extra detail to our art pieces. We'll be working on enhancing the basic Zentangle® Tangles, including Bronx Cheer, Pokeroot/Pokeleaf, and Toodles. By the end of the class, you'll have a beautiful grouping of botanical tangles that will make your art piece stand out. I'll also give you a sneak peek at Zentangle's  'No Mistakes' mini journal and share how it came to be.

As a CZT, I take great pride in teaching the art of Zentangle® to others. My Part 8 class is all about exploring the Tangle known as Foundabout, a fun and unique design that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you are looking to improve your drawing skills or simply want to relax and have fun, my class is the perfect opportunity to do so. By the end of the session, you'll be able to add beautiful Zentangle® designs to your own botanical-inspired artwork.

The Zentangle® Method has become quite popular over the years, and I believe it's because of the beautiful, unique patterns one can create using this method. In my Part 9 class, I provide a detailed look into the Wyfore tangle, teaching you the skills to create mesmerizing pieces of artwork with this pattern. You'll learn the techniques and tools necessary for shading, highlighting, and all the little nuances that will make your piece stand out from the rest.

Part 10 - We did it. I reveal the ideas I came up with for my mixed media frame on a Zentangle® Zendala Inspired art project. This is the final video to this playlist. I will show you several varieties of Matte Borders, using various medias and a couple ideas how to frame your Zendala alone. As a Certified Zentangle Teacher®, I am excited to share my passion with others. Throughout my years of experience, I have developed a love for exploring new mediums and textures. With a broad range of experience in mixed media techniques, I offer creative ideas for utilizing colors, patterns, and designs to help bring your work to life. 




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