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Unlock Your Creativity With Zentangle

I would have never believed I could possibly create all this in this past year, when 2 years ago, I was fighting through the most severe depression, and just staying alive through it was my most outstanding achievement each and every day. I am so, so grateful that I dedicated myself to The 2024 Zentangle Bijou 21-day challenge- each and every day. I did so without expectations, with genuine gratitude, and in a peaceful environment. I draw for a living. However, this series brought back the most valuable insight I somehow lost once I was back in full swing of work to slow down and truly take the time to fully embrace the steps of Zentangle, of being present and entirely in the moment! It reminded me to be in that meditative state that Zentangle helped me regain my own mental health when I was at my lowest. This challenge meant the world to me. I'm in the process of my next video describing the last tangle, how I made 6 tiles with it, and how I put together my final mosaic. Much Love, Keep Tangeling; see you soon. Let's get lost in the world of Zentangle and freestyle sketching!

The 8 Basic Stope to the Zentangle® Method

  1. Gratitude and Appreciation

  2. Corner Dots

  3. Border ( The elegance of limits but not set in stone.)

  4. String

  5. Tangle

  6. Shade

  7. Initial and Sign

  8. Appreciate Again

My personal 9 "Don't self criticize"

More to come.

Happy Tangeling,

Much Love,

Lorie Lorie Fossa, CZT Illustrator | Artist | Certified Zentangle® Teacher

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